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ClearCast Epoxy Resins and Pigments

Begin your Resin Art Journey here.................Welcome to ClearCast Resins. We supply a broad range of Epoxy Casting and Art Resins to amatuer and professional Art Resin Enthusiasts or Commercial River Table Manufacturers. From our popular Deep and Shallow Pour River Table and Penny Floor Epoxies to our Doming and Coating Art and Jewellery Resins we have you covered. To compliment this range we sell an Immitation Water Resin and a ClearCast Single Pour Embedding Resin which extends our range of products and allows us to supply the right resin for the right Resin Project. Our exceptional Cold Cast PU Modeling Resin is deisgned for making Modeling Figures or Art Pieces mixing the resin with up to 200% Metalic Powders. The results can be truly extrodinary. We also sell a popular Polyester Water Clear Casting Resin which can be a fun and inexpensive introduction to your Resin Art Journey. This all comes with expert advice and great customer service! If your not sure which resin you need please give us a call and talk to our team today on 01752 658498.