ClearCast Epoxy Resin Starter Kit

ClearCast Epoxy Resin Starter Kit for the Resin Crafter keen for an introduction into Epoxy Resin. Moulds, Pigments, Resin and all you need to start your Art Resin Project.
ClearCast Epoxy Resin Starter Kit

This Starter Kit includes all you need to get creative with Epoxy Water Clear Casting Resin. Resin, Mica Powder Pigments, Moulds, Tools and instructions included.

Premium Quality Epoxy Water Clear Resin Kit for object embedding, jewellery making, set designs and sculpture casting.

Also Ideal for Counter Tops and Table Tops. Optically Clear with Good UV Resistance with little shrinkage on curing. Low Exotherm.

The low viscosity makes this product suitable for reproducing fine surface details  and embedding objects. Please contact us for expert advice Monday to Friday from 8am -5pm.

Pour Depth / Amount Usage

Pour up to 10mm in depth in one pour over a flat area like a coaster or penny table. Pour using upto 150g for one cast such as a cube, sphere or pryramid.

Product Description

Premium Quality Epoxy Casting Resin -  Part A and Part B

- 500g Part A and 250g Part B
- Low Viscosity
- Low Exotherm
- Minimal Shrinkage
- Good UV Resistance
- Excellent Detail Capability
- Polishable to a High Gloss Finish

The Kit Includes

- 750g Epoxy Water Clear Casting Resin
- 2 x 600ml Calibrated Mixing Cups.
- 2 x 40ml Calibrated Mixing Pots
- 2 x Mixing Sticks
- 1 x 10ml Syringe
- 4 x Nitrile Latex Gloves
- 2 x Selected Silicone Moulds - 1 Medium and 1 Small
- 5 Selected Mica Powder Pigments (Colours vary slightly from the picture and will include 5 Colours from our range of Reds, Pinks, Blues, Greens, Oranges, Coppers, Purples, Browns, Blacks, Magicals, Greys, Goldens and Chocolates)

Mixing Ratio

2 parts to 1 Mixing Ratio by Weight.

Cure Times

Cure times vary dependant on room temperature but allow 24hrs - 48hrs for your project to cure.

Condition: New
Weight: 1kg