Polyester Water Clear Casting Resin

This is a High Quality Polyester Water Clear Casting Resin. This is a great introductory Casting Resin, optically clear, with good detail capability and low viscocity. Good for Basic Embedding, Jewellery and Modeling.
Polyester Water Clear Casting Resin

Water Clear Polyester Casting Resin Kit

Premium Quality Water Clear Polyester Resin Kit for object embedding, jewellery making, set designs and sculpture casting. The low viscosity makes this product suitable for reproducing fine surface details  and embedding objects. Please contact us for expert advice Monday to Friday from 8am -5pm.

Kit Includes

Resin. Delivered by Weight and not Volume.
10ml Syringe.

Product Features

- Top Quality Polyester Casting Resin
- Low Viscosity
- Optically Clear
- Easily Pigmented
- Polishable to a High Gloss
- Excellent Detail Capability

Mixing Ratio

This can depend on the application and use of the Resin. For straight forward casts, mouldings and small paper weights 2% Catalyst (hardener) to Resin will be fine. For larger moulds or paper weights and multi layer pours you can reduce this to 1% Catalyst to Resin. For thinner coatings you can go up to 3% Catalyst to ensure that the resin creates enough heat to harden.

Curing Time

This can depend on a few things. Ambient Temperature, Amount of Catalyst Used and Depth of Pour. All these factors can make a significant difference to the curing time from 2hrs to a couple of days if the temperature is very low and the Pour is very thin.

Polyester Resin Characteristics

This Polyester Casting Resin as with all Polyester Resins has a strong odour. You may be able to smell the Resin even though the resin is in a bottle and packaged well.


We provide detailed instructions with your resin. We also suggest You Tube to research your project as there are some excellent and informative online resources to help complete your project successfully. We also advise taking the time to do a small test piece prior to attempting larger projects.

Weight: 0.75kg