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  • Digital Scales

    Digital Scales

    Digital Scales used to measure out your Epoxy and Polyester Casting Resins and Pigments with accuracy. Weigh up to 5kg at any time with full zero setting features.
  • 60ml Measuring / Mixing Cup

    60ml Measuring / Mixing Cup

    From: £2.00
    60ml Measuring / Mixing Cup. Perfect for measuring smaller amounts and resin ready for mixing. Used for holding mixed resin prior to adding pigments. Good for pouring your mixed resins into smaller projects.
  • 550ml Calibrated Measuring Cup

    550ml Calibrated Measuring Cup

    From: £2.00
    550ml Calibrated Measuring Cup. Used to measure your resin and catalyst accurately. Also used to hold A and B parts of Epoxy Resin when mixing by weight using digital scales.
  • Mixing Buckets

    Mixing Buckets

    From: £0.59
    Our Mixing Buckets are deisgned to be used specifically with Resins and Composite Materials. We stock a range of 1ltr, 3ltr, 5ltr and 10ltr sizes.
  • Syringe. Various Sizes 10ml to 50ml.

    Syringe. Various Sizes 10ml to 50ml.

    From: £0.40
    Various size syringes from 10ml to 50ml. Commonly used to accurately measure out the correct catalyst additions to Polyester Resin. Also used to dispense your pigmented epoxy or polyester resins onto your art resin projects.
  • Glass Pippet

    Glass Pippet

    Glass Pippet. Used to accurately dispense small amounts of catalyst by the drop. Commonly used with Polyester Catalyst.
  • Wooden Mixing Sticks - Full Box

    Wooden Mixing Sticks - Full Box

    Wooden Mixing Sticks - Full Box. Used for the mixing of part A and part B resin. Also used for mixing Pigment Powders in to the Resins.
  • Resin Spreader. Stainless Steel pack of Four.

    Resin Spreader. Stainless Steel pack of Four.

    Superb Resin Spreaders. Stainless Steel Construction and used for the even distribution of resin on River Tables and Penny or Bottle Top Tables. Great for filling shakes and splits in all kinds of wood. Easy to clean.
  • Clear Glue Sticks

    Clear Glue Sticks

    High quality transparent EVA glue sticks. Excellent adhesion to many substrates including wood, fabric, most plastics, ceramics and light gauge metals. Bonding time approximately 35 seconds.
  • Coloured Glue Sticks

    Coloured Glue Sticks

    High-quality EVA glue sticks, ideal for adding a variety of decoration when gluing paper, glass, textile and plastic. Compatible with Silverline Glue Guns on sale in this shop. Includes 2 x green, 2 x black, 2 x blue, 2 x red and 2 x yellow.
  • Glitter Glue Sticks

    Glitter Glue Sticks

    High-quality EVA glue sticks, ideal for adding a variety of decoration when gluing paper, glass, textile and plastic. Includes 2 x silver, 2 x gold, 2 x red, 2 x green and 2 x blue.
  • Hot Glue Gun

    Hot Glue Gun

    Essential piece of equipment for any keen crafter. Quickly and easily stick your projects with this handy sized perfomance gllue gin. Use standard, coloured or metalic glue sticks and add personality and sparkle to your projects.
  • Tweezer Set

    Tweezer Set

    Carbon steel. Ideal for model building, clock repairs and other delicate work. Includes straight point, straight jaw, straight jaw with cushioned grip, angled jaw, angled jaw with cushioned grip, duck bill and bent cross with cushioned grip.
  • 25mm Snap Off Knife

    25mm Snap Off Knife

    Screw locking mechanism, anti-slip rubber grip handle and easy blade change. 7-section retractable blade. Compatible with Silverline Snap-Off Blades.
  • Rotary Cutter

    Rotary Cutter

    Rotary Cutters enable the user to cut out complex shapes with one neat continuous cut. Easily and quickly cut shapes and or clean up ragged edges on all of your crafting projects.
  • Crafters Scapel and 24 Blades

    Crafters Scapel and 24 Blades

    Strong plastic body and knurled brass collar for improved grip. Grea for the accurate trimming of your resin projects. Ideal for papercraft and scrapbooking. Sturdy plastic case with secure disposal compartment. Includes 24 blades.
  • Knife Cutting / Crafting Pad. 2 Sizes Available

    Knife Cutting / Crafting Pad. 2 Sizes Available

    From: £4.55
    Multi-layer, self-healing cutting mat for cutting paper, card and other materials without damaging surfaces. Clear marking guides for accurate cutting. Ideal for hobby, craft and workshop use. 300mm x 220mm and 450mm x 300mm.
  • Butane Gas Torch

    Butane Gas Torch

    Lightweight, compact refillable butane gas torch. Used in Resin Work to remove unwanted bubbles from your resin pours. Draw the torch across the surface of resin work to remove more stubborn bubbles.
  • Hobby Engraver

    Hobby Engraver

    For engraving glass, ceramic, metal and wood. 1 spare tip included. 21,000rpm max. Perfect for the beginner or hobbyist Engraver. Up to 20 hours battery life. Requires 2 x AA batteries.
  • Multi Function Rotary Tool - Dremel

    Multi Function Rotary Tool - Dremel

    135W motor, with variable speed 15,000 to 35,000rpm, for versatility and a quality finish in all materials. Spindle lock button allows quick and easy accessory changes.
  • 3mm Polypropylene Sheets

    3mm Polypropylene Sheets

    From: £11.50
    Polypropylene is a remarkable material which Epoxy Resin will not stick too. It is used as a substrate on which River Tables can be poured ensuring a perfect release once cured. Perfect for smaller projects too. Can be re used time after time.
  • 3mm Polypropylene Edging Strips

    3mm Polypropylene Edging Strips

    From: £4.00
    Polypropylene Edging Strips are used to make an outer barrier to your river table mould or a resin "stopper" for much smaller Resin Art Projects where you need to encase your project to facilitate an easy release.
  • Resin Barrier / Release Tape 50mm.

    Resin Barrier / Release Tape 50mm.

    High quality release tape designed specifically for use as a barrier or release tape for polyester or epoxy resin. Totally non stick to resin this tape is smooth, strong and will not stretch. The perfect non stick surface.
  • Newplast  Modelling Clay Bars - Plasticine

    Newplast Modelling Clay Bars - Plasticine

    Newplast™ is a non-drying, non-setting modelling material. It is virtually identical to plasticine, and can be re-used many times. Newplast™ is sufficiently pliable to make a wide variety of models, but is firm enough to retain its shape indefinitely.
  • Clearcast Epoxy Polishing Compound

    Clearcast Epoxy Polishing Compound

    From: £4.95
    Clearcast Polishing Compound will cut through and polish a 1200 grit paper finish and and bring your project up to a High Gloss. Ideal for use with a Power Polisher or by hand if needed.
  • Clearcast Polishing Glaze

    Clearcast Polishing Glaze

    From: £4.90
    Clearcast Polishing Glaze is designed to bring your Epoxy Resin Project to a High Gloss Finish. This will remove swirls and greasy residue from your piece and bring the character, depth and personality to a vivid High Gloss Finish.
  • Epoxy Polishing Micro Fibre Cloth

    Epoxy Polishing Micro Fibre Cloth

    Medium Epoxy Polishing Micro Fibre Cloth. Medium Epoxy Polishing Cloth can be used in conjunction with our Polishing Compound and Finishing Glaze to give a Brilliant Finish. Washable and Re-usable.
  • Extra Fine Finishing Cloth

    Extra Fine Finishing Cloth

    This Extra Fine Micro Fibre Cloth is generally used in conjunction with a Finishing Glaze to remove polishing swirls, grease marks or finger prints and will complete your peice to a High Gloss Finish
  • Random Orbital Sander 125mm

    Random Orbital Sander 125mm

    Superb 125mm DIY Random Orbit Sander. 240W Motor with a Random Orbit Action which provides a smooth even finish. Perfect for larger projects that need sanding back including River Tables, Penny Floors, Chopping Boards or larget Coasters.
  • Clearcast Wet and Dry Abrasive Paper

    Clearcast Wet and Dry Abrasive Paper

    From: £0.95
    Our range of Wet and Dry Abrasive Paper allows the user to go up through the grades until a high smooth finish is achieved on your resin pieces. Wet down with water prior to application for dust free working. Wash off and use again.
  • Compounding and Polishing Collection

    Compounding and Polishing Collection

    Clearcast Compounding and Polishing Collection includes all you need to complete your Art Resin Pieces to a High Gloss Finish. 4 Grades of Wet and Dry, the Clearcast Epoxy Polishing Compound and Finishing Glaze and 3 Micro Fibre Polishing Cloths.
  • Liquid Latex Dipping Rubber - Skin Safe

    Liquid Latex Dipping Rubber - Skin Safe

    From: £10.95
    Premium Quality Latex Dipping Rubber for Mould Making and General Crafting. Skin Safe Dipping Rubber that can be Dipped multiple times or Brush Applied depending on your project. Excellent Detail Capability.
  • RTV Silicone Rubber

    RTV Silicone Rubber

    From: £22.50
    Premium Quality RTV Silicone Rubber for Mould Making. This is a high Strength silicone mould making rubber. Formulated for easy mixing by hand. Shore A of 35 - 45.
  • Valved Face Mask FFP2 NR

    Valved Face Mask FFP2 NR

    Protects against non-toxic dusts, fibres and aqueous mists. Elasticated strap, mouldable nose piece and exhalation valve for a comfortable, contoured fit. Lightweight and durable. Disposable, single use. Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009
  • Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile Gloves are an essential part of your Personal Protective Wear when using any form of Epoxy, Polyester or PU Resin. Due to the Covid Outbreak gloves supplied may differ in colour to those shown in the picture.
  • Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses

    Clear Wrap Around Safety Glasses perfect for resin users who want to protect eyes against the potential splashes from resin when pouring large or small quantities. Impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses with lightweight frame. Conforms to EN166.